uPvc Single Head Welding Machine

uPvc Single Head Welding Machine

Welding is possible at all angles ranging from 20° to 180°.
It provides 0.2 mm welding for coating profiles.

Technical specifications

Designed for welding corners of PVC profiles.

• Full automatic control
• Maximum durability of a welding seam
• Welding can be done at angles between 20° – 180°
• Seperate clamping of the upper cylinders
• Special blades for limitation welding seal (welding seal thickness 2 mm / 0,2 mm)
• Adjustable supporting arms for profiles
• Easy and practical control of the machine by pedal
• PLC control system
• Heating element has the thermostatic control
• Output of heating element temperature on display
• Adjustment of heating temperature, welding time and pressure for different kinds of profile
• Quick-detachable system of molds saves time at their replacement

Machine Height
1635 mm
Machine Weight
214 kg
Machine Length
1370 mm
Machine Width
989 mm


Power Supply
220 V, 1 ph, 50 Hz
Total kW
2,2 kW


Max. Boostable Profile Width
160 mm (180deg), 120 mm (90deg), 100 mm (45deg)
Weldable Frame Min Width and Length
250*250 mm
Min. Weldable Profile Height
40 mm
Max. Boostable Profile Height
175 mm
Work Angle Range
20° – 180°


Air Consumption
Air Consumption
20 lt/cycle
Air Pressure
6-8 bar

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