Upcut Miter Saw 700

 Upcut Miter Saw 700

UMS 700 is designed for the strait or angular cutting operations of the large size of profiles made of PVC and aluminium materials by means of Ø 700 mm of saw blade.
Strong machine body
Two-hands safety system
Pneumatically opening safety guard
Safety locking switches on top guard and front doors
Cutting at standard angles and any intermediate angles
More powerful chip vacuum system with one manifold
Saw blade rising speed is hydro-pneumatically adjustable
Miter lock angles at 75°,60°,45°,30°,22.5°,15°,0° both left and right
Pivoting range from -75° left to +75° right infinitely adjustable

  • Equipped with saw blade Ø 700 mm and 4 kW motor
  • Spray saw blade lubrication system
  • Roller conveyor (3 m)
  • 2 x vertical and 2 x horizontal clamps
  • Air gun


  • Laser marker set to indicate the cutting line
  •  Spare saw blade Ø 700 mm
  • Vacuum extractor


Cutting Motor: 4 kW, 400 V 3Phase, 50/60 Hz
Saw Dimension: D=700 mm d=38 mm
Saw: 2000 rpm
Bar / Air Cons.:  6-8 Bar, 140 lt/min
Packing Size: 172 x 165 x 205 cm
Machine Size: 1705 x 164 x 169 cm
Machine Kg: 670 kg

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