Multiple End Milling Machine

Multiple End Milling Machine

It performs mid-register lapping operations of PVC profiles with high quality and precision.
The blade advancement speed is adjusted practically.
Restraint adjustment is made easily and practically with the rotating mechanical revolver system.
Maximum level of safety is ensured thanks to the upper guard.
During the profile lapping process, the profiles are prevented from breaking with the speed adjustment control.
Blade changing is done practically and safely thanks to the pneumatic system and special locking mechanism.
Thanks to its special sensor system, it detects how many profiles there are and prevents unnecessary waste of time.
The necessary equipment and apparatus can be stored thanks to the cabinet compartment at the front.
With the double side pressure piston, problems such as slippage and misalignment of profiles are safely prevented.
Thanks to this system, middle registration notch problems are eliminated in sliding series profiles.
Thanks to the support stand attached to the front of the machine, it can notch profiles up to 2.5 meters in length in a balanced manner.
Either 1 or 6 profiles can be notched at the same time.


Technicial Specifications
Electrical Value 400 V, 3ph, 50-60 Hz
Total Engine Power 1.65 kw (1.1 kw +0.55 kw)
Air Pressure 6-8 bar
Air Consumption 60 lt. / min.
Max. Blade Diameter 130 mm
Max. Notching Height 90 mm
Max. Notching Depth 30 mm
Max. Profile Width 120 mm
Max. Profile Height 90 mm
Machine Height 1,740 mm
Machine Length 1.700 mm
Machine Width 800 mm (1.560 mm with stand)
Machine Weight 380 kg


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